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U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean - Underwater Photography, Pictures of Coral Reefs, Tropical Fish and Sea Creatures - VIR10

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Yellowline Arrow Crab Magnificent Feather Duster Invisible Shrimp in Giant Anemone Flamingo Tongue
XVI50623 - Yellowline Arrow Crab, slide XVI61109 - Magnificent Feather Duster, slide XVI50634 - Invisible Shrimp in Giant Anemone, slide XVI61128 - Flamingo Tongue, slide
Red Heart Urchin Glass Goby Giant Anemone Yellowline Arrow Crab
XVI50633 - Red Heart Urchin, slide XVI61110 - Glass Goby, slide XVI61118 - Giant Anemone, slide XVI61126 - Yellowline Arrow Crab,slide
Sharp Nosed Pufferfish Wreck with Encrusting Corals Lizardfish or Sand Diver Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp
XVI61101 - Sharp Nosed Pufferfish, slide XVI61224 - Wreck with Encrusting Corals, slide XVI61301 - Lizardfish or Sand Diver, slide XVI61305 - Pedersons Cleaner Shrimp,slide
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp Spotted Cleaner Shrimp in Giant Anemone Saddled Blenny Redspotted Hawkfish
XVI61310 - Spotted Cleaner Shrimp, slide XVI61317 - Spotted Cleaner Shrimp in Giant Anemone, slide XVI61319 - Saddled Blenny, slide XVI61329 - Redspotted Hawkfish, slide
Banded Coral Shrimp Spinyhead Blenny Juvenile Spotted Drum Redband Parrotfish
XVI61410 - Banded Coral Shrimp, slide XVI61418 - Spinyhead Blenny, slide XVI61424 - Juvenile Spotted Drum, slide XVI61429 - Redband Parrotfish, slide

U.S. Virgin Islands Scuba Diving Sites:  Booby Rock, Mingo Cay, Vetty Bay Thatch Cay, Ledges of Little St James, Tunnels of Thatch

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