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Feather Duster Worms Juvenile Goldentail Moray Feather Duster Worms Star Coral Polyps Extended
XTE10107 - Feather Duster Worms, slide XTE10115 - Juvenile Goldentail Moray, slide XTE10126 - Feather Duster Worms, slide XTE10128 - Star Coral Polyps Extended, slide
Reef Scene with Divers Brown Chromis Spotfin Butterflyfish Blue Tang
XTE10206 - Reef Scene with Divers, slide XTE10207 - Brown Chromis, slide XTE10212 - Spotfin Butterflyfish, slide XTE10213 - Blue Tang, slide
Coral Reef Scene Brain Coral and Juvenile Blueheaded Wrasses Feather Duster Worms Sharp-nosed Puffer Fish
XTE10215 - Coral Reef Scene, slide XTE10225 - Brain Coral and Juvenile Blueheaded Wrasses, slide XTE10305 - Feather Duster Worms, slide XTE10306 - Sharp-nosed Puffer Fish, slide
Star Coral Polyps Extended Feather Duster Worms and Brain Coral Spotted Moray Eel and Neon Cleaning Goby Tesselated Blenny
XTE10307 - Star Coral Polyps Extended, slide XTE10312 - Feather Duster Worms and Brain Coral, slide XTE10316 - Spotted Moray Eel and Neon Cleaning Goby, slide XTE10333 - Tesselated Blenny, slide
Cerith Snail Purple Branching Tube Sponges Spotted Moray Eel Redband Parrotfish Juvenile
XTE10125 - Cerith Snail, slide XTE10234 - Purple Branching Tube Sponges, slide XTE10216 - Spotted Moray Eel, slide XTE10311 - Redband Parrotfish Juvenile, slide

Texas Dive Sites:  Flower Gardens East, Flower Gardens West, High Island 474 Offshore Oil Drilling Platform

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