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tsk10109.jpg (5153 bytes) tsk10111.jpg (4320 bytes) tsk10115.jpg (3808 bytes) tsk10116.jpg (3650 bytes)
XSK10109 - Timothy Beach, negative XSK10111 - Half Moon Bay, negative XSK10115 - South Friar's Bay, negative XSK10116 - North & South Friar's Bay, negative
tsk10118.jpg (3704 bytes) tsk10209.jpg (4196 bytes) tsk10305.jpg (5534 bytes) tsk10306.jpg (5663 bytes)
XSK10118 - South Friar's Bay, negative XSK10209 - Basterre, The Circus, negative XSK10305 - Sugar Mill Ruins, Nisbett Plantation Resort, Nevis, negative XSK10306 - Plantation House, Nisbett Plantation Resort, Nevis, negative
tsk10334.jpg (3900 bytes) tsk10313.jpg (4736 bytes) tsk10317.jpg (4464 bytes) tsk10319.jpg (3518 bytes)
XSK10334 - Church, Nevis, negative XSK10313 - Mountain Scene, Near Pinney's Beach, Nevis, negative XSK10317 - Beach Scene, Four Seasons Resort, Nevis, negative XSK10319 - Mountain Scene Near Pinney's Beach, Nevis, negative
tsk10323.jpg (2737 bytes) tsk10328.jpg (2906 bytes) tsk10331.jpg (5964 bytes) tsk10332.jpg (4529 bytes)
XSK10323 - Pinney's Beach, Nevis, negative XSK10328 - Fishing Charter Boat, Oualie Beach, Nevis, negative XSK10331 - Island House, Oualie Beach, Nevis, negative XSK10332 - Combermere Library, Nevis, negative
tsk10333.jpg (4584 bytes) tsk10308.jpg (4206 bytes) tsk10404.jpg (5008 bytes) tsk10408.jpg (4044 bytes)
XSK10333 - St. James Anglican Church and Cemetery, Nevis, negative XSK10308 - Pinney's Beach, Nevis, negative XSK10404 - Island House, Charlestown, Nevis, negative XSK10408 - Sugar Mill Ruins at Golf Course, Nevis, negative

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