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St Croix USVI, Caribbean Stock Photography - STC3

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XSC20401 - Travellers Palm, Buccaneer Hotel, slide XSC20407 - Beach with Hammock, Tamarind Reef Hotel, slide XSC20404 - Windmill, Buccaneer Hotel, slide XSC20405 - View of Beach and Green Cay at Tamarind Reef Hotel, slide
XSC20406 - View of Green Cay and Buck Island, slide XSC20402 - Bird of Paradise, Buccaneer Hotel, slide XSC20408 - Sailboats in Harbor, Tamarind Reef Hotel, slide XSC20409 - Sugar Mill Ruins, Chenay Bay, slide
XSC20410 - Beach Cabin, Chenay Bay, slide XSC20412 - Kayaks on Beach, Chenay Bay, slide XSC20413 - Beach Cabin, Chenay Bay, slide XSC20414 - Beach Cabin, Chenay Bay, slide
XSC20415 - View of Buck Island, Chenay Bay, slide XSC20416 - View of Coast and Divi Resort, slide XSC20418 - Fishing Boat, Southeast Shore, slide XSC20431 - Sunset with Sailboat, Gallows Bay, slide
XSC20430 - Sunset with Sailboat, Gallows Bay, slide XSC20429 - Sunset with Sailboat, Gallows Bay, slide XSC20705 - Sailboats in Christianstad Harbor, negative XSC20706 - Sailboats at Protestant Cay, negative

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