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Colorful Market, Marigot, St. Martin - xsm11033 St Martin's Tropical Color - xsm10831 Beautiful Beaches of St. Martin - xsm10103
Anguilla Fishing Village - xsm10606 Colorful Marigot Town - xsm10411
St. Martin is split down the middle, one side Dutch and one side French. Our St. Martin picture collection includes the colorful markets of Marigot, and beautiful beaches that are found on the French part of the island. Included are also photos from day trips to the small island of Isle Pinel, just a 5-minute boat ride, and Anguilla, which required a longer journey, but was well worth it. St Martin is typically French, with busy towns and markets, gourmet cuisine and beaches full of European and American sunbathers. Anguilla, by contrast, has small fishing villages and quiet beaches with some of the softest, whitest sand found anywhere. 

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