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X8306517 - Water Garden with Lotus Blossoms, slide X8310108 - Red Roses, slide X8505109 - Bearded Iris, negative X8505117 - Amaryllis, negative
X8505124 - Foxglove, negative X9212427 - Water Garden with Lotus Flowers, slide X9304120 - Virginia Creeper and Cedar Sage, negative X9304127 - Buckeye Flower, negative
X9304227 - Red Flax, negative X9304233 - Buckeye Tree, negative X9304306 - Bluebonnet and Buttercup, negative X9304424 - Wildflower Fields, negative
X9304428 - Wildflower Fields, negative X9304510 - Field of Flowers, Red Flax, negative X9308118 - Mexican Mint Marigolds and Texas Sage, negative X9308121 - Asters Lavendar, negative
X9308124 - Ruella or Mexican Petunia, negative X9403110 - Purple Dutch Iris, negative X9403111 - Purple Dutch Iris, negative X9403113 - Gold Columbine, negative

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