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X7905116 - Bluebonnets, slide X7805104 - Texas Bluebonnets, slide X7805107 - Field of Bluebonnets, slide X7805130 - Honeysuckle, slide
X7809110 - Water Garden with Water Lilies, slide X7809111 - Garden Scene, slide  X7805103 - Wildflowers, Bluebonnets, slide X7905211 - Bluebonnets, slide
X7905219 - Horse Crippler Cactus, slide X7911117 - Mullein, slide X8009110 - Poisonous Fly Agaric Mushroom, slide X8009111 - Fly Agaric Mushroom, slide
X8309212 - Tropical Flowers, slide X8009407 - Mushrooms, slide X8009424 - Mushrooms, slide X8304127 - Lady Banksia Rose, slide
 X8009222 - Colorado Wild Flower, Unknown Species, slide X8504121 - Bluebonnets, slide X8506135 - Coreopsis, slide X8506137 - Lichens, slide

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