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XCN20508 - Puerto Juarez, negative XCN20510 - Puerto Juarez, negative XCN20511 - Water Taxis, negative XCN20512 - Water Taxis, negative
XCN20515 - Water Taxis, negative XCN20516 - Water Taxis, negative XCN20520 - Children's Parade, Puerto Juarez, negative XCN20604 - Colorful Buildings, negative
XCN20605 - Colorful Buildings, negative XCN20606 - Colorful Buildings, negative XCN20609 - Colorful Shop, negative XCN20610 - Beach Scene, negative
XCN20611 - Beach Scene, Faro, negative XCN20614 - Colorful Thatched Roof Shops, negative XCN20615 - Colorful Thatched Roof Shops, negative XCN20620 - Weathered House, negative
XCN20622 - Beach Scene with Hammock, negative XCN20623 - Beach Scene with Hammock, negative XCN20624 - Beach Scene, negative XCN20625 - Beach Scene, negative

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