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tha20133.jpg (2719 bytes) tha20202.jpg (3439 bytes) tha20210.jpg (3975 bytes) tha20206.jpg (3320 bytes)
XHA20133 - Aerial view of windsurfers on North Shore, slide XHA20202 - Sunset view Maalaea Bay and Kahoolawe, slide XHA20210 - Sunset view Maalaea Bay and Kahoolawe, slide XHA20206 - Sunset view Maalaea Bay, slide
tha20204.jpg (3529 bytes) tha20216.jpg (2723 bytes) tha20307.jpg (3011 bytes) tha20317.jpg (3374 bytes)
XHA20204 - Sunset view Maalaea Bay and Kahoolawe, slide XHA20216 - Parasailing, slide XHA20307 - View of Eastern Half of Island, slide XHA20317 - Sunset view Maalaea Bay and Kahoolawe, slide
tha20322.jpg (2863 bytes) tha20324.jpg (4019 bytes) tha20327.jpg (5370 bytes) tha20330.jpg (4305 bytes)
XHA20322 - Lava Flows from Haleakala, slide XHA20324 - Beach Scene, slide XHA20327 - Beach Scene, slide XHA20330 - Beach Scene, La Perouse Bay, slide
tha20331.jpg (3976 bytes) tha20334.jpg (3438 bytes) tha20335.jpg (2976 bytes) tha20336.jpg (3150 bytes)
XHA20331 - Beach Scene, slide XHA20334 - Sunset on Maalaea Bay, slide XHA20335 - Sunset on Maalaea Bay, slide XHA20336 - Sunset on Maalaea Bay, slide
tha20404.jpg (3073 bytes) tha20413.jpg (3415 bytes) tha20415.jpg (4142 bytes) tha20422.jpg (3892 bytes)
XHA20404 - Beach Scene, slide XHA20413 - Beach Scene, slide XHA20415 - Beach Scene, slide XHA20422 - Beach Scene, slide

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