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tha10515.jpg (5811 bytes) tha10516.jpg (5780 bytes) tha10527.jpg (4998 bytes) tha10530.jpg (4202 bytes)
XHA10515 - Tropical Foliage, slide XHA10516 - Plumeria, slide XHA10527 - Scheffelera Blossoms, slide XHA10530 - Bird of Paradise, slide
tha10535.jpg (5040 bytes) tha10603.jpg (4292 bytes) tha10604.jpg (5491 bytes) tha10605.jpg (4557 bytes)
XHA10535 - Tropical Flowers, slide XHA10603 - Orchid Tree Blossom, slide XHA10604 - Japanese Gardens, slide XHA10605 - Mandevilla, slide
tha10606.jpg (4318 bytes) tha10614.jpg (4594 bytes) tha10618.jpg (4788 bytes) tha10625.jpg (5761 bytes)
XHA10606 - Tropical Flowers, slide XHA10614 - Dwarf Flambouyant, slide XHA10618 - Japanese Gardens, slide XHA10625 - Native Musicians at Fern Grotto, slide
tha10528.jpg (5439 bytes) tha10532.jpg (5451 bytes) tha10610.jpg (3655 bytes) tha10612.jpg (4966 bytes)
XHA10528 - Hawaiian Ti Plants, slide XHA10532 - Rubber Tree, slide XHA10610 - Bromeliad Blossom, slide XHA10612 - Little Grass Shack, slide
tha10613.jpg (5193 bytes) tha10620.jpg (4720 bytes) tha10624.jpg (4629 bytes) tha10633.jpg (3976 bytes)
XHA10613 - Helconia, slide XHA10620 - Fern Grotto, slide XHA10624 - Fern Grotto, slide XHA10633 - Spouting Horn, slide

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