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Thatched Roofs, Huahine - xfr10908 Bora Bora's Lagoon and Motus - xfr10422 Bora Bora Thatched Roof - xfr10518
Mountain and Palm Trees, Bora Bora Island - xfr10405 Bora Bora Scene - xfr10424 Bora Bora Sunset - xfr10331 Huahine Fishing Boats - xfr11115
Boat on Bora Bora Lagoon - xfr10507 Huahine Beach Sunset - xfr10634 Thatched Roofs and Mountain, French Polynesia - xfr10614


Tahaiti is the most well known island in French Polynesia, and Bora Bora has a reputation for being the most beautiful island in the world. French Polynesia is much like Hawaii, but a little more exotic and with more of an old Polynesia feel. The most striking feature of these islands is their abundant lagoons, fringed by small sheltering islands called motus. Many thatched roofed houses and hotels are built out over the water in the lagoons. The beaches are as expected, palm trees, white sand, turquoise water. The volcanic past of these islands is responsible for the creation of the towering mountains that are the backdrop for their magnificent scenery. Our French Polynesia picture collection attempts to capture the calm waters, fishing boats, mountain scenes, thatched roofs and tranquility of this famous island paradise.

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