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Cocoa Beach, Late Afternoon Cocoa Beach Girls Sunbathing Kennedy Space Center, Rockets Shrimp Boats Melbourne Florida
XFL10201 - Cocoa Beach, Late Afternoon, slide XFL10210 - Cocoa Beach, Girls Sunbathing, slide XFL10220 - Kennedy Space Center, Rockets, slide XFL10235 - Shrimp Boats, Melbourne Florida, slide
Beach and Seagull Koi, Sea World Water Garden, Sea World Epcot Center Sphere
XFL10207 - Beach and Seagull, slide XFL10306 - Koi, Sea World, slide XFL10317 - Water Garden, Sea World, slide  XFL10502 -  Epcot Center Sphere, slide
Alligators, Sea World Cogs and Gears, Epcot Center French Bistro Musicians, Epcot Center Key Biscayne Beach
XFL10430 - Alligators, Sea World, slide XFL10504 - Cogs and Gears, Epcot Center, slide XFL10527 - French Bistro Musicians, Epcot Center, slide XFL20132 - Key Biscayne Beach, slide

Key Biscayne Lighthouse

Miami Skyline

Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Art Deco Buildings

XFL20133 - Key Biscayne Lighthouse, slide XFL20134 - Miami Skyline, slide XFL20136 - Miami Beach, slide XFL20137 - Miami Beach, Art Deco Buildings, slide

Miami Aerial View

Green Sea Turtles, Key West Aquarium

Green Sea Turtles, Key West Aquarium

Boca Grande Beach

XFL20138 - Miami Aerial View, slide XFL20325 - Green Sea Turtles, Key West Aquarium, slide XFL20327 - Green Sea Turtles, Key West Aquarium, slide XFL20408 - Boca Grande Beach, slide

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