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Underwater Photography - Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (Dutch Caribbean), Pictures of Coral Reefs, Tropical Fish and Sea Creatures - BON2

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Balloon Fish Blue Stripe Grunt Brown Chromis Schoolmaster
XBO10415 - Balloon Fish in Red Rope Sponge, slide XBO10504 - Blue Stripe Grunt, slide XBO10513 - Brown Chromis, slide XBO10529 -  Schoolmaster, slide
Blackbar Soldierfish Slender Filefish Butter Hamlet Orange Cup Coral
XBO10532 -  Blackbar Soldierfish, slide XBO10536 - Slender Filefish, slide XBO10623 - Butter Hamlet and Fire Coral, slide XBO10719 - Orange Cup Coral Polyps Extended, slide
Maze Coral Greater Soapfish Rough File Clam Great Star Coral
XBO10722 - Maze Coral Polyps Extended, slide XBO10725 - Greater Soapfish, slide XBO10726 - Rough File Clam, slide XBO10730 - Great Star Coral Polyps Extended, slide
Stoplight Parrotfish Flower Coral

Lettuce Nudibranch

Banded Coral Shrimp

XBO10731 - Stoplight Parrotfish Sleeping, slide XBO10735 - Flower Coral Polyps Extended, slide XBO10835 - Lettuce Nudibranch, slide XBO10930 - Banded Coral Shrimp, slide

Stovepipe Sponges

Rock Hind

Stovepipe Sponges

Black and White Crinoid

XBO10502 - Stovepipe Sponges, slide XBO10517 - Rock Hind, slide XBO10915 - Stovepipe Sponges, slide XBO10920 - Black and White Crinoid, slide

Bonaire Scuba Diving Sites: Weber's Joy, The Lake, La Machaca Wreck Night Dive, Carl's Hill (Klein Bonaire)

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