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Spanish Hogfish

Nurse Shark Diver & Nurse Shark Diver & Nurse Shark
XBE10520 - Spanish Hogfish, slide XBE10120 - Nurse Shark, slide XBE10127 - Diver & Nurse Shark, slide XBE10128 - Diver & Nurse Shark, slide
Squirrel Fish and Coral Nurse Sharks, Hol Chan Marine Preserve Nurse Shark in Sea Life Park Spotted Drum Juvenile
XBE10136 - Squirrel Fish and Coral, slide XBE10213 - Nurse Sharks, Hol Chan Marine Preserve, slide XBE10218 - Nurse Shark in Sea Life Park, slide XBE10323 - Spotted Drum Juvenile, slide
Goldentail Moray Spotted Scorpion Fish Spotted Scorpionfish Barracuda
XBE10327 - Goldentail Moray, slide XBE10328 - Spotted Scorpion Fish, slide XBE10329 - Spotted Scorpionfish, slide XBE10401- Big Barracuda, slide
Queen Angelfish Flower Coral

Whitespot Filefish

Queen Angel Fish

XBE10420 - Queen Angelfish, slide XBE10426 - Flower Coral, slide XBE10502 - Whitespot Filefish, slide XBE10506 - Queen Angel Fish, slide

Atlantic Spadefish


Coney and Spotted Moray

Lettuce Coral and Golden Crinoid

XBE10510 - Atlantic Spadefish, slide XBE10511 - Trumpetfish, slide XBE10517-  Coney and Spotted Moray, slide XBE10117 - Lettuce Coral and Golden Crinoid, slide

Belize Barrier Reef Scuba Diving Sites:  Cypress Reef, Amigos Wreck, Shark Ray Alley, Punta Arena Caverns, Mexico Rocks, Victoria

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