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Six-banded Angelfish Reef Scene with Blue Damselfish Blue Damselfish and Staghorn Coral Tropical Reef Scene
XAU20305 - Six-banded Angelfish, slide XAU20323 - Reef Scene with Blue Damselfish, slide XAU20329 - Blue Damselfish and Staghorn Coral, slide XAU20335 - Tropical Coral Reef Scene, slide
Green Sea Turtle Smooth Flutemouth (Cornetfish) Trumpetfish and Staghorn Coral Yellowstripe Snappers
XAU20337 - Green Sea Turtle, slide XAU20405 - Smooth Flutemouth (Cornetfish), slide XAU20406 - Trumpetfish and Staghorn Coral, slide XAU20421 - Yellowstripe Snappers, slide
Yellowstripe Snappers Pink Anemonefish & Double Saddled Butterflyfish Coral Trout Fish School
XAU20422 - Yellowstripe Snappers, slide XAU20428 - Pink Anemonefish & Double Saddled Butterflyfish, slide XAU20430 - Coral Trout, slide XAU20518 - Fish School, slide
Coral Encrusted Anchor Six-banded Angel Fish and Sea Fan Staghorn Coral Moorish Idol
XAU20536 - Coral Encrusted Anchor, slide XAU20619 - Six-banded Angel Fish and Sea Fan, slide XAU20620 - Staghorn Coral, slide XAU20628 - Moorish Idol, slide
Semicircle Angelfish Finger Coral Detail Finger Coral Detail Staghorn Coral Detail
XAU20629 - Semicircle Angelfish,  Marine Fish, slide XAU20718 - Finger Coral Detail, slide XAU20819 - Finger Coral Detail, slide XAU20823 - Staghorn Coral Detail, slide

Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef Dive Sites:  Canyons to Staghorn Bank, Coral Grotto to Hole in the Wall, Heron Bomme, Gorgonia Hole

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